2019, June: Landeskrankenhaus Wolfsberg

We thank you for commissioning the Landeskrankenhaus Wolfsberg in Carinthia and the trust that it brings! QCare will be used there on the ICU, IMC, in the OR and in the recovery room. We are looking forward to the cooperation!



2019, May: Heidelberg

Health Information Management supports the German Championship in Volleyball for the U14 male, on 18 & 19 May 2019 in Heidelberg.





2019, May: Bad Wildungen


We are pleased about the very good cooperation and the successful project start in the Westendklinik Bad Wildungen. After the successful kick-off the installation of QCare was carried out so that the training, as the first important milestone, can begin on schedule.



2019, April: ev. Krankenhaus Bielefeld


Go-Live on ICU. We are happy about the successful extension!



2019, Feb: Go-Live Neuro/Stroke Unit Bamberg


Go-Live on the Neurological- and Stroke Unit.
Excellent collaboration and contribution of all involed team members!




HIM is the main sponsor! Clinical Artifical Intelligence Conference & Datathon May 15th-17th 2019 at LMU Klinikum der Universität München.



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2019, Mar: Go-Live Neonatal ICU Kreisklinik Reutlingen


Go-Live on the neonatal intensive care unit.
22 beds were converted from paper to electronic documentation within 3 days.
Outstanding cooperation of all people involved!