2018, November: Martigny, Valais Hospital, CH


On Wednesday, November 7th, the Go-Live also started in the hospital site Martigny in the Operating Theaters. Since the end of July, thee sites habe been out into production in the Valais Hospital! Excellent performance in cooperation!




2018, October: Kreiskliniken Reutlingen


On Monday, 15th of October, QCare Anesthesia is in production in all pre-, intra-, and post-, anesthesia intervention areas. We are proud of the excellent collaboration with all members of the hospital team, one of the key performance accelerators!




2018, July: Bad Homburg


HIM has successfully upgraded the QM system to ISO 13485:2016 and EN ISO 13485:2016, the audit was extremely successful in Germany and Belgium.




2018, October: Brigue, Valais Hospital, CH


Since October 3rd, QCare AR has also been successfully used to document the interventions in the Operating Theaters in Brigue. We´re all happy about this next step!




Munich, July 16th, 2018


Go-Live Intensive Care Unit at the hospital of Technical University of Munich. 16 beds were put into production, the switch from paper-based to electronic documentation took place within two days for all patients. During the next month, all ICU departments will follow.